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Hawaii Adoptions & Guardianships

Child AdoptionIf you need a dedicated Honolulu family law attorney, call us.  We can help you with your contested and uncontested adoptions and guardianships.  Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and analysis of your case.

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Hawaii Pre-Nuptial, Post-Nuptial, and Separation Agreements

A Hawaii pre-nuptial or pre-marital agreement might be right for you if you are planning to marry and are interested in protecting pre- and post-marital assets and/or protecting yourself from liability for your fiancee’s financial debts and other obligations.

A Hawaii post-nuptial or a Hawaii legal separation agreement might be advantageous if you are currently married but contemplating divorce or legal separation and you desire to have a legal, binding agreement in place governing your rights and obligations.

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