Grounds for a Hawaii Divorce

1280px-Waikiki_Beach_12-09_-_IMG_2496If you have been served with a Hawaii Complaint for Divorce or other court documents, you must act immediately to protect your rights.  Depending on the kind of court papers that you were served, you have as few as 20 days to file a legal response.  If you fail to file a response before the filing deadline, the Hawaii Family Court has the authority to enter a “default judgment” against you, granting your spouse everything he or she asks for regarding child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, etc.  Call our Honolulu divorce lawyers immediately if you have been served with court papers of any kind.

Our Honolulu Divorce and Family Law attorneys are available to assist you with your Hawaii divorce.

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05. Grounds for Hawaii Divorce
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07. Hawaii Spousal Support
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