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As a proud dad, my daughter means the world to me.  So, when I had to find a Child Custody Lawyer, I knew it would be the most important decision of my life.  I definitely made the right decision in Greg Ryan.  He really went ‘above and beyond’ to help me.  After meeting with him the first time, I knew he was the right lawyer for me and my daughter.  He really listened to me, and he cared about my case.  He was more interested in getting started on my case right away than discussing payment.  Greg fought for me, and I got full custody of my daughter.  I will forever be grateful.  I HIGHLY recommend Greg to anyone who needs a good lawyer.  – AA

Hiring Greg is absolutely essential for any military service member seeking a divorce.  Period.  – BC

A real fighter. Greg was exactly what I needed when the person who sold me my house defrauded me and tried to hide many serious problems with it.  Greg got me the money I needed to make the necessary repairs, and now my house is truly a “home.”  – DA


Greg did an outstanding job handling my divorce.  He is a knowledgeable attorney and is very patient.  My divorce was finalized within a month.  I would recommend him to my friends.  – JMT

Greg Ryan represented me on a real estate matter from December 2008 to February 2011.  During that time he provided me with exceptional legal representation. He listened carefully to my concerns; answered my questions fully and clearly; and provided me with good advice and strategy.  He helped bring my legal problems to a successful resolution and I highly recommend him to anyone needing a real estate attorney. – HT

Thank you for your extraordinary efforts in my real estate lawsuit.  The settlement you got for me was more than I could have ever dreamed.  Thank you for standing up and fighting for me.  I will be forever grateful.  – LW

“Greg Ryan’s service is professional, efficient and caring.  He was always quick to reply when I needed to get in contact with him.  In addition, his staff was always very professional and friendly to work with.  – JS

The Law Office of Greg Ryan is especially sensitive to the needs of Hawaii military personnel.  Greg and his staff worked with me while I was deployed overseas, and they were able to quickly and efficiently resolve my legal issue.  – LG

Your legal service and expertise is the major reason things are going so well for me today. Your office was always so prompt and polite, and it always felt like you really cared for my well-being and the well-being of my family.  I cannot thank you enough for handling my legal issues and giving me peace of mind during such a tumultuous time.  Thanks again!  – GC

I was very pleased with how quickly Greg responded to any question I had and how quickly the case went to court so that I could resolve the matter.  Also, the fact that Greg seemed to care more about my case than his fees, and money wasn’t the first thing he asked me about when discussing my case.  I was very pleased with Greg’s services.  – MU

You were an absolute blessing in my custody battle.  You are a reliable, diligent, understanding, and most of all a dedicated attorney.  A very long battle that you helped come to a successful conclusion.  You always returned my calls and gave me ample time to discuss my concerns.  Your patience is a virtue!  Thank you for being so efficient.  I was impressed with all you did in such a short time frame.  I had some challenging times, and it put my mind at ease knowing you were there for me.  I had confidence that you were going to help me win……and we won!!!  You always kept me updated and helped me prepare.  I really can’t thank you enough Greg, and I would refer anyone in need of an attorney to you!  – DA

True professional, courteous and caring… When all hope seemed gone, Greg Ryan came through and provided the legal help that my family needed.  A true professional!  – JP

5514534Greg Ryan is a litigator with no equal.  He blends a genuine concern for his client with a calm, practical mind with a keen intellect.  I felt very confident working with him.  While going through a divorce, I was not always able to see the better choice when faced with a decision.  Greg provided solid advice and helped me through the hardest thing I have had to deal with in my life.  I will be always grateful for his service.  Additionally, his assistant, Donalyn, was a great help as well.  I would recommend Greg to anyone I know who needs a true professional to look out for his or her best interests.  Thanks again, Greg.  – MM

Greg is a straight forward lawyer who got the job done quickly and efficiently.  He showed compassion and understanding through a difficult process.  I plan to keep Greg as my lawyer for all future needs, and I would highly recommend him!  – EM

I am absolutely pleased with the support that I received as well as the effort put forth by Mr. Greg Ryan in helping me with my case.  All deadlines were met well in advance and Mr. Ryan went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that justice was served.  The moment I spoke to him I knew he was the lawyer that I not only needed but also wanted for my case.  Mr. Ryan kept me abreast on all information and sought out for what was beneficial to both me and my children.  Being in the military, we are constantly encouraged to demonstrate selfless service, and I believe Mr. Ryan is a living testimony of what that really means.  – KT

The service and support I received from Greg’s office was outstanding!  He made all the legal procedures very clear to me, and he handled my case in a very professional manner.  I will be a returning client if any other legal issues come my way!!  I highly recommend his Law Office for any legal issue anyone may have.  – KEL

Seriously, from start to end of my process, you and your staff were right there.  There were NO surprises; I was informed about what would happen and when every step of the way.  The personal attention and speed in which everything was done was phenomenal!  I know that in a sea of lawyers to choose from, I chose the right one!  I’m 100% happy with the service and outcome.  – AW

Choosing which divorce lawyer will represent you may be the most important decision you will make during your divorce proceedings. I sincerely recommend The Law Office of Attorney Greg Ryan for his Exceptional Professional Service, Sensitivity, Superlative Diplomatic Negotiations, Candor and Meticulousness! He is an unsurpassed advocate in my trying time and an imperative investment value for my future! I am extremely appreciative for his services! – PD

Happy Young boy having fun at the beach on vacation,Divorce is difficult for anyone.  I was very fortunate to have Greg Ryan on my side.  He listened to what I wanted and what my children needed.  He worked diligently and got me just that.  I cannot thank him enough.  – JT

I cannot say enough great things about Greg.  I had started in a legal matter with one of Honolulu Magazine’s “Best “.  After being drained financially and emotionally, I began looking for new counsel.  Greg took my case to completion, and I was completely satisfied with the result.  Well done to a highly recommended attorney.  – CLE

Hiring Greg Ryan was the best decision I made for my divorce.  Meeting him for the first time I knew I could trust him.  My divorce went by so quickly and smoothly, all I had to do was sit back and relax.  – SM

I want to say thank you for the professionalism and time that you took dealing with my case.  I could not have been any happier.  I would recommend your law firm to anybody. Once again Greg, thank you.  – RA

I was very happy with the service that Mr Ryan’s office provided me with.  He was very polite and willing to work with me on my case. I would recommend his services to everyone and anyone who is seeking legal assistance.  – BF

Greg was very helpful and was always there to answer all my questions. His staff made it less stressful for me by taking care of everything and handling my issue in a timely manner.  – MF

Thank you for all the help.  I found your law firm to be very professional and will consider contacting you for my future legal matters.  – JKS

Greg Ryan provided excellent counsel with obvious expertise.  He was patient and personable, and I recommend him to anyone seeking legal assistance.  – CL

I can’t thank you enough.  I was relieved when step in and took care of business.  You handled everything in a professional and productive manner.  You’re a man of your word and a lawyer who works hard for his clients!  – ET

Greg Ryan helped me get through a difficult divorce even while being deployed overseas.  Most of the paperwork was able to be completed via email.  Thanks, Greg!
– SW